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Our mission is to create a sense of fellowship among CADS members and Art Deco enthusiasts, to preserve at-risk structures for landmark protection and sensitive restoration, and to educate members and the general public about the rich heritage of Art Deco design found in and around the Chicago area.  


  • Become a member and join over 500 Art Deco aficionados in Chicago, throughout the US, and numerous countries all over the world.  
  • Join lively drop-in happy hours and informal afternoon and evening socials held throughout the year and in numerous Art Deco locations throughout the city.
  • Socialize and share your interests on a wide range of Art Deco related topics.
  • Enjoy exclusive access to fabulous Chicago area buildings, exhibits, and private collections.
  • Volunteer and share your ideas, time, and/or talents with our dynamic CADS Committees.


  • Initiatives include continually researching and cataloging thousands of Art Deco structures throughout Chicago in the on-going and expanding ART DECO SURVEY.
  • Monitor an ever-growing preservation watch list for at-risk buildings and structures.
  • Interface with multiple local and national partner preservation organizations.
  • Advocate for landmark protection of endangered buildings and structures.
  • Recognize sensitive restorations and renovations with the LOUNDY PRESERVATION AWARDS.


  • Attend educational lectures given by experts, scholars, and authors covering topics as varied as Art Deco personalities, fashion, architecture, design, history, music, movies, and much more. 
  • Receive our internationally recognized CADS MAGAZINE, a bi-annual publication richly illustrated and filled with Art Deco related articles, special features, book reviews, and events.
  • Learn about our rich Chicago Art Deco heritage in our upcoming 2018 book, Art Deco Chicago: Making Modern America, a groundbreaking publication on modern design as encountered by the vast majority of America between the two world wars.

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